Meet the Team

Hi!  Welcome to our site. I know what you might be thinking….why aren’t there any diamond engagement rings on this site?

Well, it’s simple. We decided to blog about life hacks that can help you buy anything you want, including that diamond engagement ring should you need one. This site compiles information that can help you understand a little about investing money, making money, and keeping money. So, I guess it’s about money and the tools we use to engage in business and personal growth.

I know it might seem a little broad, but we are business junkies and what better way to give back than to share with others some of our experiences and what we have learned works….and doesn’t work for that matter.

If you need to contact us, you can do it here.

It’s probably also a good idea to glean over our disclaimers page. We don’t really want to be liable for anything we tell you because we are simply describing what worked for us, and because we don’t know your particular situation, we want to make sure you go see a pro before you make any of those life altering decisions.

So we encourage you to click here to learn more about the disclaimers in using this site.

Overall, we hope that you find our site encouraging and helpful.