Understanding Real Estate Trends

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Understanding Real Estate Trends
14 Jul

Keys to Real Estate Investing

The key to understanding real estate trends really comes in two forms.
1. You must understand the housing market of the general city that you’re looking in and
2. You need to be familiar with the sub area or suburb that you’re looking to purchase real estate in as well.
Most real estate agents can access the MLS or also known as the multiple listing in order to see trends in particular ZIP Codes and areas.
The best way to go about this when you are interviewing a real estate agent is to ask them to take a look at the local trends for the area you’re interested in.  If you need help on where to begin,  you can find a lot of this type of information on www.sterlingalljewellery.com 
If you’re looking for investment purposes only, then you’ll want to make sure that you are also considering whether or not the real estate agent is qualified to serve you well. You can find out more info on Trulia.
One of the best ways to find this out is to simply ask them what their best deal is and why they recommended that particular deal.
It is sort of like going to a restaurant and asking the waiter or waitress what the best item on the menu is.
If they answer that everything is good, then you know they never eat there. However if they tell you specifically which dish is perfect for a particular setting our situation, then you know they know what they’re talking about.
Just as a sidenote I have heard that if a waiter or server says that a dish is popular, that is code for don’t eat it. It sucks.
At least that’s what a server friend told me one time.
So back to the real estate agent. If the real estate agent tells you that all of the homes that they have are good, or they reverse the question and ask you what you want to spend or where you looking to live, then you can be kind of sure that they don’t know what they’re talking about.  If they give you specifics ask them why they think so. You will be able to tell.
Maybe that is a bit harsh. What I meant to say is that they are probably not investor oriented rather they are consumer oriented.
A couple of final notes when seeking out areas to invest and are as follows. One option is for you to go down to the courthouse and request documents on future construction permits. I would recommend that you would focus on infrastructure.
Find out where they are building new highways and find out exactly where they’re going to go. Then, go out to those areas and see if there are any real estate locations that are close to major highways and the traffic arteries.
Well last but not least you can also Google map with all of the local lakes in a particular area that you’re interested in. If it is slightly under developed, then you can be assured that the areas around legs will be higher in value eventually wants to build out occurs.
Some smart investors like to do these types of actions in order to get ahead of the competition. Sometimes it sure beats sitting on the steps of the courthouse listening to auctions going off at the speed of sound.