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Video Virility
13 Jul

Should you use video on your website?

Years ago it wasn’t advisable for people to use with video on their websites. The primary reason was simply that the information technology required to support the video was lacking.
Video requires tons of bandwidth and computers that are powerful enough to deal with the massive information down.
But in today’s day and age with the advent of YouTube and other streaming video sources, you really are leaving a lot off the table when you do not provide videos for your web users.  Further, it enables the user to interface with the creator of the website on a whole different level.
It allows for the user to also pick up the facial expressions and subtle information that is being communicated to them that would otherwise go missing.  I like to use video on my website because the motion of the video actually captures the attention of my reader.
When there’s lots of motion in one place it triggers the human brain to say aha there must be something important happening.
As you may be aware of, there is a natural flow to human life. When the flow is interrupted it signals an alarm that something serious is happening.
The best example of this in my life involves a day in a bank that I work that.
I remember when the workflow was interrupted.
You see, normally a customer approaches the teller. Then, You hear an exchange of dialogue. Then you hear typing on a keyboard. Then, you hear the opening of a drawer.
The drawer that I’m speaking about is the drawer that contains the money.
On this particular day, I heard a greeting from the teller and no real verbal exchange from the customer.
The next thing I heard was the drawer opening. There was no typing on the keyboard and there was no substantial dialogue.
For me that was a signal. Heads up, the natural rhythm is broken. Pay attention!

Indeed we were being robbed.

I remember sneaking off and setting the alarm off.
My point is that there is a natural flow to anyone who visits your website.
If you can interrupt that flow by showing substantial action such as a video, it really grabs your readers attention.
So all in all, I highly recommend using video on your website. I also recommend posting your video offsite on places like You Tube.
Hosting your website on the shared server can substantially reduce the speed of your website.
That’s it for my tip of the day. I hope this article helps you.
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